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(bob) welcome to the main event of war zone of WCF with sly cooper vs psycho steve you ready craig (craig) oh yeah i am 

(shawn michaels theme) oh oh shawni think i'm cute i know i'm sexy i got the looks that drive the girls wild 
i got move that really move them i send chills up and down their spine 
i'm just a sexy boy (ding ding ding) (announcer) the following contest is scheduled for one fall from paris weighing 210 pounds he is the thief of all around the world sly cooper (bob) start of with sly cooper dose the entrance like he hero shawn michaels (craig) with a streak now is 3-0 this will be 4-0 with psycho steve that he will fight 

(psycho theme) (announcer) and his opponent from unknow weighing 285 the crazy badger psycho steve (craig) maybe he should from the asylum that was psycho steve a lunatic (bob) yeah he is psycho steve is indeed a lunatic who been in WCF for a long time still can't believe they let this guy to be a wrestler 

(ding ding ding) (bob) here we go sly start with a drop kick and steve fall down and now sly get up run to the ropes and a leg drop on steve like he's hero hulk hogan (craig)  i would say that maybe sly well be the champion right (bob) if he get it that is so now steve punch and a stomp to the foot of sly and a body slam and now steve put him in a headlock on the mat (craig) there is no away if sly is gonna tap out from the headlock he will win the streak after all sly is the great wrestler (bob) indeed sly is a thief when h make his first debut i thought this is crazy a thief can wrestle someone and win the streak (craig) good point but now sly is great and now OH a power slam from steve  and sly kick him from behind and a elbow to the face and now steve pick up OH sly stop him with a punch and DDT on the mat (bob) and now sly and a running splash like the ultimate warrior (referee) 1 2 (bob) and a kick out on 2 and now steve get up and he irish whip sly oh hit the turn buckle and a clothes line from steve and a kick and again and now a a suplex and a roll up cover (referee) 1 2 (bob) still kick out and that means the streak will never be broken (craig) that's right go sly go (bob) you really like sly do you (craig) yeah and now sly hit him with the elbow and a body slam and a stomp and again and a kick (bob) and now sly leg drop again on steve and now sly fight back a punch and a irish whip to the ropes and a drop kick from sly wait a minute oh boy a sharp shooter just like his brother gary (craig) painful submission to me (bob) steve had to tap he is about to grab the rope to break it out but sly is still put more pressure on the sharp shooter on steve first time ever sly do the sharp shooter on someone like his brother and steve grab the bottom rope and sly let go of him from the sharp shooter now sly well do something to win (craig) of course he is he always win the streak after all (bob) and now withh a leg drop on steve in a cover (referee) 1 2 (bob) still kick out (craig) ah man i thought he win that way (bob) thought so too and now match is still on and now a drop kick again and now pick him up over head (craig) wow (bob) a gorilla press slam (craig) i can't believe he did that he is 210 pounds (bob) like the ultimate warrior he's favorite wrestler and also hulk hogan and shawn michaels and sly is gonna be like his heroes this is the reason why he's here (craig) and now steve with the ankle lock sly is in a ankle lock form steve (bob) oh boy that is the most painful submission ever wait a minute sly is grabbing the bottom rope he got the rope now he is out of the ankle lock from steve and a body slam from whoa whoa wait a minute that's muggshot (craig) he is getting a payback watch out sly (bob) not this time for muggshot sly is fighting back could be after the match with marray vs muggshot and sly throw muggshot out of the ring and a sweet chin music to steve in a cover (referee) 1 2 3 (bob) he got it (ding ding ding)

(shawn michaels theme) (announcer) here is you're new winner sly cooper (bob) now is 4-0 and road wrestler is on away to fight muggshot for good (craig) 2 weeks away that is (bob) and that is it for war zone will be back for more good night everybody 
shawn michaels theme from WWE 
psycho theme form the movie 
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July 29, 2016
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