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sly bentley and murray get they're gears and go on the quest to stop drake and save the world sly got a armor sword and shield bentley have a wizard robe and wand and murray grow tall became a giant they are now in the woods when they see 3 skeleton army alright guys do it one at time sly said like a role playing games bentley said i guess so sly said i love those murray said and then they all line up sly slash his sword at one bentley zap one with his wand and murray ground pound nice job keep going sly said and the army attack them and then sly slash bentley zap murray pound and then and the army are down alright we did it sly said hey gold coins murray said alright sly said good job master said yeah thanks sly said you got some coins right master said yeah sly said well you need the coins to buy something you need to fight the magic black smith master said where sly said you'll find him master said alright let's go sly said and they go on they fight another one how many of them sly said i have no idea bentley said anyway let's keep going sly said they all attack them and get more coins alright more coins sly said and he put in his pocket and then master shows up great job on your attack he said why thank you master sly said and bentley see something hey guys look bentley said that's him the black smith master said let's go to him sly said and they get there

hello there i'm the black smith i can help on you're quest he said in a german voice okay what do you got because we need to kill the dark wizard like right now i don't want to die here and these guys too so tell us sly said well i have some new weapons you can buy them for you the black smith said okay what else sly said you need some potion i do have them need new weapons also some new clothes if you want the black smith said go on sly said you some spells for your little wizard friend i have that the black smith said alright bentley said you want trap you can get it the black smith said and the last thing sly said a new weapons upgrade for all of you so it can be stronger and more powerful go ahead buy it the black smith said yeah thanks for that sly said give your money to me then i can do it for you the black smith said and he upgrade the sword and the shield for sly upgrade the wand for bentley also buy a potion and some spells and murray buy a giant hammer thanks for everything sly said and they leave i'll be every where if you need me ha ha love my job the black smith said

well done you have like a lot of stuff do you master said yeah good thing we have like a lot of money we need sly said alright then you can go on and stop drake the master said alright c'mom guys let's keep going sly said and they continue on with the quest but then they hear some what was that bentley said and they hear it again pretty much something weapons up guys don't lose it sly said and murray see a eye and it move away i see something murray said what it is sly said it cloud be a monster murray said what else we're in the land full of monsters sly said and then goblins jump up and land on the ground goblins this is what i meant murray sly said i get it murray said guys we have to fight them you know bentley said right let's fight sly said and they attack the goblins sly slash his sword bentley use the fire spell on them nice dude sly said and murray hit them with the hammer score one for the big guy sly said now that's more like it murray said your welcome sly said and they repeat and then the goblins are down alright guys let's g oh sweet more coins i got it sly said and he grab the coins and then he look at the map okay let me see wait what is that sly said and it was a stone circle that's a portal the master said ah what do i tell you stop scared me like that sly said sorry about that anyway that is the way to get you to the another place to get the underworld master said so that were he is i pretty much we might be lost sly said yep now go master said and alright let's guys sly said they go off so um how long to get there bentley said it said 5 miles to the portal let's just keep going if we want to save the world sly said good point sly bentley said thank you my green friend sly said

so they walk 5 miles to the portal and then they get there alright hey master how it works sly said well to open it you know a crystal to open the portal master said how do we get it sly said well bad news from a big enemies master said like what sly said and the ground start pounding what was that sly said if you ask it's not my stomach murray said master sly said that's what i mean better luck fight it master said yeah thanks a lot sly said

and then a monster appears and roars a giant troll bentley said i wish i was more taller then him murray said you tell me you only like 10 ft tell this guy is pretty much 15 ft and we're screwed sly said we better fight it and get the crystal you know bentley said you know that thing is gonna kill us right right sly said c'mom sly just do it bentley said you right sly said and he slash his foot and the troll kick him anyway and he scream and hit the tree ow sly said your okay murray said yeah ow this is gonna be the hardest fight ever sly said and then murray hit him with the hammer and bentley use a lighting spell on him is there another way to defeat this thing bentley said let me think of that sly said better hurry up sly bentley said you think i come up plan quick sly said and zap the troll with a ice spell to freeze it wait i got it sly said and pull out a bomb he light it up everybody get back sly said and he throw the bomb at the troll and hit it oh yeah sly said and the troll look at the him uh hello mr troll don't hurt me sly said and then the troll stomp him oh c'mom you know what i said right sly said then smash his hammer at the toe and the troll roar and grab his toe and jump up and down eat it murray said let me do the spell bentley said and use a fire spell hit the troll don't worry i got this sly said and he throw a bomb and hit it yeah sly said the troll is almost down murray said let me finish sly said you sure better not die if you fail bentley said and sly run jump and stab the troll wow murray said awesome bentley said and the troll fall down sly jump away woo we did it guys sly said you done well sly bentley said and the crystal float up from the troll there it is sly said and grab it you got it now put in the portal master said and sly place the crystal in the slot and the portal open let's go in there sly said and they all go in to another place

To be continued for chapter 3

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November 30, 2016
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