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nick and judy are hiding from godzilla finding  away to get out of the city because the city is destroy from godzilla nick check to make sure cgodzilla is not around (nick) clear let's go (judy) can we just find a boat or something to get out
(nick) might be destroy because that thing like to smash everything in the city let's just hope someone will help up like a helicopter or something (judy) this will be taking forever nick (nick) yeah i know c'mom 
so then nick and judy walk around the city and now city had be crumble a part to the ground and burn from godzilla and then they feel the stomp and then godzilla go through the building  (godzilla roar) (nick) oh crap judy in the car go go go so they get in the car and turn on and drive away from godzilla (godizlla roar) and smash more building and walk away and then the us army are getting to the city from a helicopter and battleship and army are ready with guns 
the general see godzilla at the screen and then tell them on the radio (the captain) alright everybody line up  we need to take down that monster before he's destroy more of the city everyone is in there some survive or dead that thing it you will use everything tanks bomb planes ships anything you can use you got that everyone do you (all the army) sir yes sir (the captain) good now go out there and save the city let's go for it so they get there every solider get out of the ship running to the city to take out godzilla 

at the city 
nick and judy are still driving the car (nick) i think we lost him (judy) wait nick look judy see someone who survive the destruction inside the election building nick stop the car and get inside (nick) hey you are you okay (dan) yes yes i am (nick) what's your name (dan) dan you guys are okay (nick) yeah (judy) me too (dan) i thought i'm the last man to be here with no one (nick) are you a wolf (dan) damn right man i know you guys at the police department nick wilde and judy hopps right (nick) that's right (judy) what else we are (dan) this city use to be a great city of years i enjoy it i even born here but everything is gone because of that damn monster going around smash city like a little kid destroy toys (nick) we can help you (dan) how man there is nothing to be safe even we find it that monster destroy it like everything he did no way to be safe (judy) well nick and i always hope there away out of this (dan) sorry lady no way to get out (nick) but we will (dan) go luck with that pal 
and then all the solider load everything and find godzilla and point at him (the captain) hold you're fire let him get to us so wait 
and then they wait and godzilla is walking to them (godzilla roar) and the he get closer closer and closer (the captain) ready aim fire 
and they fire at godzilla (godzilla roar) they shoot tank rocket launcher missile and then planes fire at him (godzilla roar) and then stomp on the tank and explode and then 
breathes his atomic breath at the plane and then grab another tank and throw it at the building and breath the atomic breath at two tanks (the captain) back up back up (godzilla roar) 
and then swipe his hand at the helicopter and destroy it and bite another helicopter and then he swing his tail at the plane and then he use his hand to pull a building at the tank (the captain) not good not good keep doing it you know what to do go go go (godzilla roar)
and godzilla atomic breath at the battleship and blew up (godzilla roar)
and then nick judy and dan hear the battle (nick) i think that was the army (judy) you think they will help us (dan) good luck get there before get crush by him (nick) good point 
and then godzilla walk forward to them (nick) not again judy let's go 
and then nick and judy running away (dan) wait for me (godzilla roar) (judy) he's getting closer (nick) c'mom judy hurry 
and then godzilla get closer at the build while nick judy and dan go down stairs they made it out and godzilla rip the building apart make rumble falling down (nick) judy watch out 
and he pull judy out away and she is save and then they all get to the car (dan) the car work (nick) yeah what do you think it is a horror movie 
and then drive away from godzilla (godzilla roar) 

to be continued for chapter 4 and follow me on twttier
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